fraud preventionFraud and embezzlement workplace investigations are critically important. Using original methods, our experienced fraud investigators will provide you with solutions to these complicated problems. Our efforts include the investigation of occupational fraud and various forms of white-collar crimes.

For example, over 80% of occupational fraud involves asset misappropriations. Cash is the targeted asset 90% of the time.

In order to protect you, we implement our knowledge of business accounting, banking standards and auditing methods into our workplace investigations. Coupled with our interviewing skills, we can evaluate complex financial transactions and investigate questionable business activities. Today, our occupational fraud investigation services focus on three specialized areas that affect most businesses.

Fraud Investigation Services:

  •  Asset Misappropriations
  •  Corruption
  •  Fraudulent Statements

Our experienced financial investigators perform specialized analysis and review the results of the investigation. Our investigators conduct administrative and investigatory type interviews with employees and non-employees to resolve any discrepancies or to verify given references. If the situation requires, we'll locate and confirm independent sources of information to reach the client's objectives and determine the extent of the problem should one be discovered. We can also implement an undercover workplace investigation if necessary.