businessBackground investigationIn a broad manner a business can be compared to an individual. It has a past, a tradition and it mingles with many others each day. Like some people, what you see may not represent what the business is really all about. As private detectives, we have investigated many corporations for clients who are interested in taking over a company, considering a merger, are involved in a law suit with that company or are questioning who they may be hiring.

The Hickory Group, Inc.  provides the highest quality business background investigations to clients nationwide. Knowledge plays a vital part in staying ahead of the competition. Knowledge is the crucial factor in staying ahead of the competition. Contrary to popular belief, what you don't know can hurt you. Many businesses have latent debts and shady past or illicit behavior that few others than a private investigator can uncover.

When conducting background investigation there is rarely a fixed pattern as to how to get the information you need, each case is different. Our advantage is that we have an experienced staff of professional investigators who know how to get results in an industry where improvisation is the norm.

The Hickory Group, Inc.'s forensic accounting and litigation support expertise is applied to assist businesses, individuals and counsel who require in-depth forensic investigation.

We provide forensic accounting and litigation support investigation services relating to business operations, fraud, reorganization and transactions. Our approach to forensic investigation and litigation assignments is to use our accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to investigate, analyze, interpret, summarize and present findings in a manner that is both understandable and well supported. We study relevant issues, investigate accounting records, trace financial transactions, interview key personnel and reconstruct the business facts using skills best suited to the circumstances. Our forensic accountant investigation capabilities include fraud investigation, tracing funds and recovering assets, record reconstruction, accounting irregularities, improper accounting methods and embezzlement investigation.