asset investigationsAsset Transfers & Money Laundering Investigation

Electronic funds transfers are a con artist's dream come true. Scammers can persuade victims to transfer funds to any bank, anywhere in the world, and leave little trace behind.

"Consumers are losing money to Fake Check Scams in frightening numbers, and they're losing the money permanently to crooks that are operating from foreign countries," said Susan Grant, Director of NCL's Fraud Center. "Con artists are growing increasingly creative with their pitches to victims, but the bottom line is the same. Whether you're being offered a 'prize', a 'job', or overpayment for something you're selling, if someone is offering to send you a check and have you wire some amount of it back, you're in for trouble." (NCL News)

If you're a victim of money laundering fraud, send us your case immediately. Someone from THG will respond promptly.